The Vanward Team is filled with pride and inspiration over our various Initiatives, Projects and the overall message we wish to convey. This applies especially to the pride and motivation we bring to our speaking engagements, appearances in the news, and much more. Come celebrate with us on our showcase of how we’ve inspire the world.


“Navigating Business as a Disabled Entrepreneur” Video by Peaces of Me

Peaces of Me Video

Vanward’s President, Gary Horton gives an inspiring speech about being an entrepreneur in his panel posted to YouTube on the Peaces Of Me YouTube channel. Learn more by clicking the video to the left.




“REDI Chat with Gary Horton – The Light Within – A Vision for Success” Video by Rangam

Thumbnail for the REDI Chat Gary Horton talks about inspiration, drive, motivation and how Vanward helps Blind and Low-Vision individuals find career opportunities despite their “disabilities” on the Rangam REDI Chat podcast. You can listen to hear more by clicking on the video to the left.




Program Provides Corporate Internships for Students who are Visually-Impaired” Article by WorkingNation

WorkingNation’s article on Lean In! covers why we are dedicated to our mission statement. Vanward’s President Gary Horton spoke about his own experience losing his vision and why he believes in Lean In! You can read all about Gary’s story here.