The Vanward Team is committed to the proposition that everyone has value regardless of their Race, Color, Gender, or so-called disability. It is the mission of this organization to provide a set of services designed to enhance the lives of individuals categorized as disabled by assisting them in procuring long-term employment.

Vanward Initiatives

Lean In!

Lean In! is a Job Readiness and Work-based learning program directed at Blind and Low-Vision post-secondary individuals in achieving independence through long-term employment. Lean In! is an integrated service which includes Job Readiness activities during the school year followed by Paid Internships over the Summer. The program is developed, facilitated, and managed by Blind and Low-Vision mentors in a group environment to encourage trust and provide real exemplars. Learn more here.

Lean In! Prep

Lean In! Prep is a Job Readiness and Transition Services (Pre-ETS) Program with a focus on Career Exploration, technical skills development, and a “real-life” Work-based Learning experience. Lean In! Prep will prepare its students for the more rigorous requirements of Lean In! Learn more here.


Vanward Individualized Services


Job Readiness and Pre-Employment Services

Job Readiness Services consists of a set of activities directed towards preparing the candidate for pursuing employment in the private sector. These activities are customized for the individual candidate and include a detailed in-take and assessment of the candidate, guidance/training on Self-assessment, Professional branding, Social Media navigation, and interviewing strategy.

Job Placement and Staffing Services

Vanward takes a traditional staffing approach to job placement. This approach requires in equal measure of developing a trusted advisor relationship with the employer while advocating for the candidate. Such an approach requires an acute understanding of the candidate’s technical and soft skills, as well as an understanding of the Employer’s business and the scope of the candidate’s role.

Self-Employment Coaching and Mentoring Services

Vanward offers counseling for those interested in pursuing the entrepreneurial route to independence. Starting a business or offering services as a consultant requires a level of commitment and the development of skills different from those seeking traditional employment.