Lean In! is a Job Readiness and Work-based learning program created to ensure that Blind and Low-Vision post-secondary individuals are equipped to achieve independence through long-term employment. Lean In! is an integrated service which includes Job Readiness activities during the school year followed by Paid Internships over the Summer. Our program is developed, facilitated, and managed by Blind and Low-Vision employment partners in a group environment to encourage trust and provide real exemplars.

Lean In! Candidates

Who is Eligible?

Individuals eligible for the State of Michigan Pre-employment and Transition Services (PRE-ETS) Program qualify for the Lean In! program. Candidates must be High School Graduates and no older than 26. Lean In! places great emphasis on virtual work. Therefore, candidates must:

  • Be willing to participate in all Lean In! activities, including group discussions, Book Club, and other Lifework assignments.
  • Be willing to work within a team/group environment.
  • Display a level of proficiency with accessibility tools (e.g., Smartphones, Screen Magnifiers, Screen Readers, etc.).
  • Own a computer/laptop with Internet access.
  • In addition to the opportunity to earn a paid internship, at the completion of the program each candidate will receive a gift.

What to Expect from the Lean In! Program

The Lean In! Program is comprised of three types of activities for candidates:

  • Self-directed activities, including Lifework assignments (Personal Skills Inventory, Resume/Cover Letter Preparation, LinkedIn Profile Development, etc.).
  • One-on-one coaching sessions, including weekly update calls with Employment Partners and occasional engagement with the Lean In! Program Coordinator.
  • Group activities, which include monthly 3-hour Workshops, Book Club Discussions and Team breakout sessions.

Expected Outcomes

Candidates that are involved in the program will be presented with the opportunity to:

  • Develop a team of experts to collaborate with and lean on (professionally and personally).
  • Learn how to effectively brand themselves in social media and other like forums.
  • Learn how to interview with confidence.
  • Receive referenceable job experience in a real-world environment.
  • Learn the attitude, technical skills, and soft skills necessary to pursue the entrepreneurial route.
  • Learn techniques for developing a skills inventory and a process for continually improving.
  • Master the tools necessary to perform research about potential career areas.

If YOU have the desire to be successful and independent, it requires effort. The Lean In! program will provide the opportunity, but YOU must supply the energy.

For more information on Lean In! and to join the program, contact us.

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