Lean In! Prep is a Job Readiness and Transition Services (Pre-ETS) Program with the mission to assist Blind and Low-vision High School Students in preparing for achieving long-term employment through Career Exploration and developing technical skills for business.

The scope of Lean In! Prep consists of the following components:

a. Job Readiness Training

b. Technical Training (e.g., JAWS, NVDA, Screen Magnifiers, Microsoft Suite, etc.)

c. Learning about different careers through the Career Symposium

d. Launching and managing an online store

Who is Eligible?

The Lean In! Prep Program is directed at those Students eligible for the State of Michigan Pre-employment and Transition Services (Pre-ETS) Program.  Lean In! Prep Explorers must be High School Juniors and above (16-18.)  Lean In! Prep is designed to prepare students for the Lean In! Program for College Students, therefore Explorers must:

a. Have access to the Internet suitable for virtual meetings

b. Be willing to work within a team/group environment

c. Be willing to participate in all Lean In! Prep activities, including group discussions, book club, Job Exploration Discussions, and other “Lifework” assignments

d. Be willing to learn the technical skills required for virtual work and the Lean In! Program

e. Be willing to participate in the Lean In! Prep Store Work Experience

The Lean In! Prep Explorers Will:

a. Perform a Self-Assessment of skills and desires

b. Receive individualized technical training in Accessibility and Business tools (JAWS, NVD, Microsoft Suite, etc.)

c. Learn online and in-person etiquette and professional communication techniques

d. Explore several industry areas, job roles, and career paths

e. Develop an extra-familial support system

f. Apply the concepts of the Workshops by participating in the Lean In! Prep Store

There is life after High School.  What you receive in dollars can be complemented by a sense of fulfillment.  Are you interested in developing the tools to be ready?  Lean In! Prep can help.

For more information, Email us at:  Info@VanwardConsulting.com