Lean In! Prep is a Job Readiness and Transition Services (Pre-ETS) program with the mission to assist Blind and Low-vision high school students in preparing for achieving long-term employment through career exploration and developing technical skills for business.

The scope of Lean In! Prep consists of the following components:

  • Job Readiness Training
  • Technical Training (e.g., JAWS, NVDA, Screen Magnifiers, Microsoft Suite, etc.).
  • Learning about different careers through the Career Symposium
  • Launching and managing an online store

Who is Eligible?

The Lean In! Prep Program is directed at those students eligible for the State of Michigan Pre-employment and Transition Services (Pre-ETS) program.  Lean In! Prep Explorers must be high school Juniors and above (16-18).  Lean In! Prep is designed to prepare students for the Lean In! program for college students. 

Therefore, Explorers must:

  • Have access to the Internet suitable for virtual meetings
  • Be willing to work within a team/group environment
  • Be willing to participate in all Lean In! Prep activities, including group discussions, book club, Job Exploration discussions, and other “Lifework” assignments
  • Be willing to learn the technical skills required for virtual work and the Lean In! program
  • Be willing to participate in the Lean In! Prep Store Work Experience

The Lean In! Prep Explorers will:

  • Perform a self-assessment of skills and desires
  • Receive individualized technical training in accessibility and business tools (JAWS, NVDA, Microsoft Suite, etc.)
  • Learn online and in-person etiquette and professional communication techniques
  • Explore several industry areas, job roles, and career paths
  • Develop an extra-familial support system
  • Apply the concepts of the workshops by participating in the Lean In! Prep Store

There is life after high school.  What you receive in dollars can be complemented by a sense of fulfillment.  Are you interested in developing the tools to be ready?  Lean In! Prep can help.

For more information, email us.