Participants in the Lean In! Prep program will learn about different career options and have the opportunity to run an online store from beginning to end alongside other students called explorers. As explorers, students will:

    • Learn how to leverage their so-called disability for success.

    • Explore different career options.

    • Sharpen their technology skills to be better prepared for higher education and/or future employment.

    • Learn how to be individually accountable and effective within a team.

    • Be paid for their hard work.

    Participants in this innovative program must:

    • Be high school students.

    • Have access to the Internet suitable for virtual meetings.

    • Be customers of state vocational rehabilitation (note: scholarships are available for students not affiliated with state rehabilitation).

    • Be committed to participate in all Lean In! Prep group activities.

    The program will begin on June 29, 2024. Registration is open until June 26, 2024. Act fast!

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